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  Flow Monitor & Control Equipment Links

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 Flow Monitor & Control Equipment Companies
Aaliant Fluid Measurement Solutions
A full service flowmeter supplier.  We manufacture magnetic, turbine, target, vortex, ultrasonic and positive displacement flowmeters for industrial applications.

Advanced Control Technology, Inc.
Manufacture of liquid level float switches, also sensors for measuring temperature, pressure, conductivity and flow.

Advanced Measurements and Control, Inc.
Providing environmental monitoring equipment, worldwide.   Offering products for hydrology, oceanography and meteorology.

Aquatic Services
Specializing in the sale, service and calibration of water and waste instrumentation.  We also design custom control systems, SCADA systems and software.

AW Company
Manufacturer of flow meters and flow monitoring products. Positive displacement, turbine, vortex and mass flow meters.

Solving the most difficult level & flow control problems for over 60 years.  With a wide array of technologies available, Bindicator has the unique ability to provide controls, precisely matched to our customers needs, for liquids, solids & slurries.

Cerlic Environmental Controls
Supplier of process control and monitoring equipment for waste water treatment plants, including dissolved oxygen meters, suspended solids, sludge blanket trackers, water samplers, pH/ORP meters and flow meters.

Manufacture of a line of clamp-on, non-intrusive ultrasonic flow meters for the measurement of liquid flow in full pipes.  We use both transit-time and Doppler technology to accommodate virtually all liquids.

DATAC Control International, Ltd.
Manufacture, supply, installation and commissioning of telemetry, remote controls and monitoring systems for water treatment plants.  We offer SCADA solutions to the water utilities world wide.  Complete turnkey projects.

DCB - Flow Meter Division
The largest rental source for the March McBirney product line.  We also provide turnkey SSES and I&I services.

Manufacture and distributor a wide range of recorders, dataloggers, thermometers and meters to monitor and record variable such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, differential pressure and pressure.

Drexelbrook Engineering Company
Manufacture of level and flow controls for water and wastewater treatment plants.  Now offering a free CD-ROM to train and educate customers about our products and services.

A leading provider of ultrasonic Doppler flow meters.  We also offer ultrasonic clamp-on transit time portables and dedicated meters.

Manufacture of sensors and controls used in flow and level control/monitoring.  We provide design services for specialized measurement and control systems.

Manufacture of instrumentation for measuring level, flow, pressure, temperature and for pH/ORP sensors for water analysis. We have locations in 70 countries.

Erdco Engineering Corporation
Manufacture of industrial and utility flow meters, indicators and switches for water, air, oil and steam.

Flomotion Systems, Inc.
Flow and level measurement, peristaltic & chemical pumping and metering systems. Typical markets served include water & wastewater treatment, chemical, food & dairy, pharmaceutical and irrigation.

Florite International Inc.
Providing a variety of electronic monitoring and process control instruments, software and integrated systems for fluids, gasses, pressure, temperature and other variables.

Gentech International Ltd.
Manufacturers of sensors for liquid level, flow and position. Matching their customer applications by delivering standard product and specially designed custom solutions.

Global Water
The leading manufacture of water instrumentation, including:  water level sensors and loggers, samplers, flow monitors, data loggers, water quality sensors and turbidity monitors.

Great Lake Instruments
Manufacture of water quality and process monitoring/control instrumentation for over 30 years.  Analytical parameters include:  pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, flow, level, suspended solids and chlorine.

Greyline Instruments, Inc.
Manufacture of non-contacting ultrasonic level transmitters and controls, Doppler flowmeters and open channel flow monitors.

Hach Company
Innovative solutions used to test the quality of water, other liquids, and air. Manufactured and distributed worldwide, our systems are designed to simplify analysis by offering on-line instrumentation, portable laboratory equipment, prepared reagents and support.

Hartman Scale Company, Inc.
Manufacture of custom weighing systems including, bulk bag filling and discharging equipment, tank weighing systems and custom PLC programming for batch and continuous weight control.

H. G. Klug Company
Manufacture of primary elements for open channel flow measurement including Parshall flumes, Palmer bowlus, trapezoidal, cut-throat, H-flumes, V-notch weir and metering manholes.

H. O. Trerice Company
Manufacture of specialized engineering instrumentation for industrial temperature and pressure measurement.  Products include pneumatic-, electronic- & electric-controllers and air-operated diaphragm control valves.

Isco, Inc.
Manufacture of a complete line of automatic samplers and flow meters for a variety of water monitoring applications, including storm water runoff.  Also offering TOC, BOD, COD & nutrient analyzers.

Lambda Laboratory Instruments
High-quality laboratory instruments including: laboratory fermenters, bioreactors for cell culture, peristaltic pumps, infusion pumps, syringe pumps, fraction collectors, mass flow gas controllers and fermentation software.

Logic Beach, Inc.
Manufacturers of portable data logging & alarm systems that accept all standard analog & digital inputs.  Modular systems can be configured with up to 24 channels for monitoring and recording flow, pressure & temperature.

MGD Technologies Inc.
Offering the patented family of velocity profiling flow meters throughout the world.  MGD product applications are in wastewater, combined sanitary/stormwater, industrial waste, stormwater, irrigation, and other non-potable water systems.

Micrometrix Corp.
The company's products include the streaming current meter and particle charge analyzer for coagulation control, the innovative floc meter for flocculation monitoring and the press pilot machine vision system for belt presses.

Monitor Technologies Monitor
Monitor's line of microwave solids flow monitors are high quality, industrial grade instruments capable of providing a signal indicating the flow/no-flow condition in gravity chutes, feeders and pneumatic pipelines. In the U.S. contact us at 1-800-601-6204. In Canada call 1-800-665-7111.

Pulsonic Technologies
Wastewater and trade effluent measurement solutions.  We offer a simple, uncomplicated and highly effective service that saves you time and money.

Radcom Technologies, Inc.
Manufacture of electronic, battery-powered, water-proof data loggers, flow/pressure recorders, depth/level, PRV controllers and leak-noise correlators.  Very simple to use and feature powerful software.

Rosemount Analytical Instruments
Designs and manufactures analyzers, transmitters and sensors for the online measurement of pH, ORP, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, chlorine, ozone and turbidity.

RS Hydro
Flow measurement consultants - ultrasonic flowmeter, open channel flow measurement for streams, rivers, sewers and partially full pipes from RS Hydro. Telemetry, datalogging, sales, hire and calibration.

Ryan Herco Products Company
A leading distributor for fluid flow products.  Products include tubing, hose, process pipe, fittings, valves, pumps, filters, instrumentation, flowmeters, sensors, tanks, drums and plastic structural products.

Schneider Electric - Telemetry & SCADA SolutionsControlMicrosystems
A global supplier of state-of-the-art automation products for SCADA used around the world in municipal water and wastewater automation applications.  Products include flow measurement systems, SCADAPack-RTU/PLCs, combining high performance communications with high speed processing, ClearSCADA, SCADA Management Software and much more.  Call toll-free about your requirements at 1-888-267-2232.
Read Schneider Electric's Press Releases and Case Histories

Scientific Technologies, Inc.
Customers come to STI looking for value & quick responsive deliveries.  Providing level & flow products, solids & liquids level indicators, flow sensors & switches for solids, liquids and gases, as well as controller packages.

Sierra Instruments, Inc.
World-leading manufacturer of heavy industrial mass flow meters and controllers; flow and level switches; and multiparameter meters for measuring temperature, pressure, and mass or volumetric flows.

Solid Applied Technologies Ltd.
Manufacturer of ultrasonic level sensors and remote level monitoring solutions for: remote reservoir and river monitoring, municipal waste water management, water purification plants, desalination plants, pumping stations and more.

Teknoservice SRL
Offering streaming current detectors and flocculation controls for belt presses, centrifuges, clarifiers and potable water plants.

Tipton Environmental International, Inc.
Manufacture of wastewater equipment for customers around the world.   Our web site features an on-line supply catalog for the water and wastewater industry.

Tracom Inc.
Offering fiberglass products for the water and wastewater industries including flumes, packaged metering manholes, chlorination buildings, sampler enclosures, weir boxes and control enclosures.

YSI, Inc.
Manufactures of rugged, accurate instrumentation for the measurement of water quality, flow or velocity in the field or laboratory.  Measure dissolved oxygen, pH, ORP, ammonium, nitrate, chloride, turbidity, flow, level and more with our instruments.

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