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  Screens, Strainers & Screening Links

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 Screen, Strainer & Screening Equipment Companies
Amiad Filtration Systems
Remove sand and grit.  Manufacturer of a complete line of efficient manual, semi-automatic and automatic self-cleaning filters. Filtration available down to 10 micron with unit capacities up to 4,000 cubic meters per min.

Manufacture of high-quality dewatering equipment.  Equipment includes centrifuges, belt presses, screens and filters.  Full scale laboratory to analyze your sludge & make recommendations.

  Applied Process Technology, Inc.CentraFlo
The Centra-flo™ Gravity Sand Filter is a dynamic-bed filter that provides a continuous supply of filtered water without interruptions by backwash cleaning cycles.  Our units are perfect for the removal of colloidal and suspended solids.  It's patented design cleans the media faster and has no internal moving parts.  Systems can be designed for any flow rate.  For more information, call us now at 1-888-920-4082.

Aquarelle Filtration Systems
Water filtration using patented technology for removal of hair, lint and fine grit from waste water.

Baycor Fibre Tech Inc.
Manufactures the world's largest rotary drum screens for wastewater solids and liquids separation. Additionally we manufacture state-of-the-art air floatation separators.

Beaudrey USA
A world leading manufacture of water screening systems.  Offering products that are designed to fulfill intensive water screening applications for industrial and power generation facilities.

Carbis Filtration

Manufacture of equipment and spares for filtration, screening and sieving applications for the water treatment industry.

Cequesta Water
Innovative solutions for sludge dewatering and wastewater treatment for a whole range of small production plants.  Our solutions overcome all the major problems associated with conventional systems.

Contra-Shear Technology
Specialist supplier of wastewater screening and girt removal equipment. Over the last 25 years we have broadened our range to offer full range of wastewater treatment equipment.

CSC Scientific Company
Manufacture of lab testing equipment for the analysis of moisture/solids, particle size and surface tension.  Products include Cenco & Digital moisture balance, duNouy tensiometer, sieves & shakers and Bostick consistometer.

Dissolved Air Flotation Corporation
Customized wastewater treatment equipment and systems, including DAF flotation clarifiers with capacities from 40 to 12,000 gpm.  Clarifiers fabricated to suit your application of carbon or stainless steel, round or rectangular.

Duperon Corporation
Since 1979, we have been developing innovative, mechanical bar screening equipment for wastewater, storm water, pump stations and industrial intakes.

Enviro-Care Company
Manufacture of solids separation and handling equipment since 1972.   Offering unique, patented designs that are engineered for high process efficiency and low maintenance.  Our 5 year warranty is the best in the industry.

FB Procedes
Leading maker of bar screens systems for water treatment. The company is also a supplier of sprinklers and conveyor and compactor screws.

Your leading manufacture & supplier of bag filter technology including; single bag and multi bag filter housings, duplex bag filter systems, engineered-to-order bag filter systems and all types of replacement filter bags. 100% Guaranteed fast delivery of bag filter housings and filter bags of almost all materials and micron ratings. Call 248-427-9090 ext. 147 or email info@filtrasystems.com us now to solve your bag filter problems.

FKC Co., Ltd.
Custom designed screw presses and rotary screen thickeners for any sludge dewatering application. Patented simultaneous dewatering and pasteurizing Class A process.

Flo Trend Systems, Inc.
We offer a wide range of dewatering products to an extensive customer base in the industrial, municipal and environmental industries, including a complete line of dewatering, filtration, mixing, separation products.

Fluid Dynamics International
Suppliers of non-chemical treatment systems for preventing scaling caused by hard water.  Products include automatic filtration systems and package water treatment systems.

  Franklin Miller, Inc. Franklin Miller
Suppliers of screening and grinding equipment. Our line includes the SpiraLift - shaftless screw screens for fine screening, washing, and compacting and feature TaskMaster - grinders. The AutoRake - mechanical bar screen provides a modern, front-cleaned bar screen system. For more information call toll-free at 800-932-0599.
Read Franklin Miller's Press Releases and Case Histories and Franklin Miller's Videos

Green Mountain Technologies
Offering wastewater sludge dewatering and composting systems that are modular and transportable.

Headworks, Inc.
Manufacture of high-quality screening and screen handling equipment for water and wastewater treatment.  Products include bar screen and grit separators.

Hydro-Dyne Engineering
Offering a full line of screening equipment with openings from 1mm to 3" and handling flows from 100 gpm to 100 mgd.

Idee e Prodotti Srl
Develop and production of technologies for the filtration, dehydration and separation of solid-liquid sectors, both with regard to the production process and final disposal of wastewater.

IPEC Consultants Ltd.
Screening equipment used for solid/liquid separation in the meat, poultry, fish, vegetable, wastewater and pulp & paper industries.  Municipalities use our screens for primary screening, scum screening and sludge thickening.

Ishigaki Company, Ltd.
Manufacturer of dewatering equipment including filter presses, screw presses, fiber filtration and screening equipment.

  JWC Environmental JWCE
JWC’s Monster Separation Systems are complete headworks systems that remove unwanted solids and wash and clean discharged screenings to remove fecal material. Products include: Finescreen Monster, Bandscreen Monster, Storm Monster™ and Chain & Rake Monster.  Call us toll free at 800-331-2277 to learn more.
Read JWCE's Press Releases and Case Histories and JWCE's Videos

M. A. IND. Srl
Manufacture of shaftless screw conveyors, screen-screw compactors, grit classifiers with integrate washing sand system, combined pretreatment systems.

Megator Corporation
Manufacture of a sliding shoe pump, a positive displacement pump used for liquid handling.  We also supply a floating weir skimmer made of stainless steel and oil/water separators for above grade installation.

Orival Inc.
Manufacture of automatic, self-cleaning water filters for the removal of suspended particles from line sizes up to 36 inches diameter.  Particles include sand, rust, gravel, algae and more.  Stainless or epoxy coated steel screens ranging from 5-3000 microns.

Parkson Corporation
A supplier of water treatment, wastewater treatment and solids handling components and systems to the municipal, industrial and agricultural markets.  Its advanced separations technologies are key to effective treatment processes.

Passavant-Noggerath Products GmbH
Offers solutions for municipal & industrial applications in the field of water, wastewater, residues and sludge treatment on all continents with the experience of more than 15,000 installations worldwide

Press Technology & Manufacturing, Inc.
Manufacture of heavy-duty screw presses and drum thickeners for liquid-solids separation of industrial waste streams.

Process Engineered Water Equipment, LLC
Manufactures of innovative quality liquid/solids separation systems.  Our complete portfolio line-up includes screening, clarification, DAF, oil/water separators, dewatering and chemical feed systems.

Reko Industrial Equipment BV
Designs and manufactures custom-made installations for screening, dewatering and conveying solids for agricultural, industrial, municipal, waste, recycling and chemical applications.

Richmond Systems, Inc.
Manufacture of a patented rapid gravity dewatering system for use in sludge dewatering.

Rotorflush Filters Ltd.
Manufacturer of self-cleaning filters and screens for use with many pumps, also submersible pumps with integral self cleaning intake filters.

Rusco, Inc.
Manufacture of spin-down sand and sediment filters that incorporate centrifugal action.  We also make stainless steel and polyester mesh screens with high flow capabilities.  Units are NSF approved for potable water use.

Screen Technology Group, Inc.
Custom and production wire cloth weaving and secondary processing of all types of woven wire cloth including, micronic filter cloth, stainless steel tensile bolting cloth, market & mill grade cloth and polyurethane screening systems.

SE.F.T. srl
Manufacture wastewater treatment equipment both for industrial and municipal industry. our main products are: screw conveyors, screen-screw, combined pre-treatment units grit separators and much more.

Certified ISO-9001, exporting in 25 countries a full range of equipment for wastewater treatment.

Serpentix Conveyor Corporation
Manufacture of continuous-path conveyors and solids dewatering equipment for use in industrial facilities and waste-water treatment plants.

United Wire, Ltd.
Manufacture of woven wire cloth, screens, filters, dewatering belts and vibratory screens.  Products available in stainless steel and bronze.  We feature belts up to 7.5 m wide with invisible seams and pre-tensioned, easy-change screens.

Valve and Filter Corporation
For over 15 years, manufacture of filtration systems and control valves.  We specialize in custom-made filtration systems.

Wm. Bulton Vibro Energy Ltd.
Well established manufacture of vibratory process machinery for screening, sieving, grading, classifying, mixing, grinding and micronizing.

WSG and Solutions, Inc.
Providing screening and grit systems that utilize proven Link-Belt and Rex technologies/designs as well as CSO Products for the water and wastewater market throughout the world.

Xtreme Screen, Ltd.
Offering bio-solids screening equipment, plus mobile digestor cleaning, dewatering, dredging and tank cleaning.

Yokota Manufacturing Company, Ltd.
Manufacture of pumps and valves including self-priming pumps, degassing/defoaming equipment, slurry pumps, chemical pumps, hammer-check valves, control valves and strainers.

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