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 Feeders 101, Lecture 1:  What is a Process Feeder? - Tom Rickenbach

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Speaker:  Tom Rickenbach
of K-Tron Americas
Class Duration:  87 minutes
Subscription: 7 days
Price:  $39  $19 (US)
   Sponsored by K-TronK-Tron

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Description:  In Session 1 of Feeders 101 entitled “What is a Process Feeder?” Tom Rickenbach of K-Tron discusses key elements of process feeding.  Typical process feeders provide two modes of operation: Volumetric and Gravimetric along with continuous and batch feeding. Included are control strategies to feed product such as Proportional, Integral, Derivative controls, Weigh Belt Feeding and Loss-In-Weight Feeding.

A Proportional–Integral–Derivative controller (PID) is shown by use of diagrams and slides to analyze each type of action to achieve a controlled flow rate.  Along with this, Tom describes one type of flow sensor that employs the “coriolis” effect to provide a mass flow to a PID control loop as its’ feedback to compare to setpoint so that it may make adjustments in control as necessary to make sure the correct amount of product is flowing into the process line.

The operating principles of weigh belt feeding are demonstrated using a K-Tron feeder. Belt load times and belt speed are critical when using weigh belts.  Also, the operating principles of loss-in-weight feeding are also demonstrated using a K-Tron loss-in-weight feeder with color graphics.  As the name implies, a loss-in-weight feeder measures the loss in weight of product and controls discharge accordingly.

Finally, Tom discusses why it is important to understand feeder accuracy and how to test and verify that a scale is working properly. He concludes this session by discussing various application examples.

Lecture includes downloadable class notes and a self administered quiz with answer sheet.  The seven-day subscription allows you to watch and review this video class as many times as you need.

Other Sessions in the Tom Rickenbach - Feeders 101 Lecture Series
Feeder 101, Lecture 1:  What is a Process Feeder?
Volumetric and gravimetric feeders are discussed, plus weigh belt feeding options.  PID controllers are shown by use of diagrams to achieve a controlled flow rate.
Feeder 101, Lecture 2: Product Handling
Guidelines for matching the appropriate feeder to your process needs are discussed including screw feeders, weigh belts, vibratory feeders, bulk-solids pumps and flow meters.


Watch the complete Feeders 101 Series and Save!

Lectures: 1 and 2
21 days
Price:  $38 $29 (US)
  Sponsored by K-TronK-Tron

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Now you can save 20% by purchasing all three of the Feeder 101 Lecture Series, together.

Plus, you will have up to 21 days to complete the lecture series!

Now everyone in your office can take Tom Rickenbach's Lecture Series!


 About Tom Rickenbach

Tom Rickenbach has over 22 years of experience with feeders, controls and batching systems.  He started working for K-Tron as a Field Service Engineer performing equipment/system start-ups, troubleshooting and repair.  Later, Tom moved up to become their Senior Technical Instructor and Course Designer for customer and service training classes as well as a Technical Sales Support Manager.  Tom is now the Manager of the K-Tron Institute and works as a Technical Instructor and Field Service Engineer for their Performance Service Group.

Please feel free to contact our author at:

Mr. Tom Rickenbach
Senior Technical Instructor
K-Tron America, Inc.
Routes 55 and 553
Pitman, NJ 08071-0888
Telephone:  856-256-3266
Fax:  856-256-3232
Email:  trickenbach@ktron.com
Web site:  http://www.ktron.com/K-Tron


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