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Water and Wastewater Plant Directory
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Easton, Maryland, USA
Easton Wastewater Treatment Facility
201 North Washington Street
P.O. Box 1189
Easton, Maryland, 21601

Contact Information:
Contact:  Jerry Adams
Email:  info@eastonutilities.com
Telephone:  410-822-6110
Fax:  410-822-0743

Plant Operation: Municipal

Processing: Wastewater

Web site:

Plant/Process Description:
The Town of Easton first constructed a sanitary wastewater collection system in 1911. Wastewater was then treated to a primary level via treatment plants located on the North and South ends of Town.

As the Town grew, the need for additional capacity and treatment was realized, and in 1938, a treatment plant was constructed along the banks of the Choptank River to replace the two former plants.

In 1962, the currently used two cell Facultative Lagoon System was placed in service. This system has performed well relative to the standards set forth by the US EPA, at that time, for this type of system. The Clean Water Act of 1977, and subsequent Amendments, set forth more stringent effluent limitations for all wastewater plants.

In 1985, Easton Utilities began the design of the Overland Flow System to meet more stringent effluent limitations. All of the design and project management was performed by the staff of Easton Utilities. The construction was started in August of 1987 and completed in November of 1988. The Overland Flow Treatment Process is considered by the US EPA to be an innovative and alternative technology. The Easton system is the fifth largest system of its type in the United States.

The Overland Flow System incorporates the existing Lagoon as part of the treatment process and establishes a 68 acre overland flow treatment area, which is divided into 35 terraces. The Overland Flow system is designed to treat 2.0 million gallons in an 8 hour period. A combination of physical, biological and chemical processes renovate the wastewater as it passes over the surface of the terraces. The treated wastewater is then collected and routed to the final treatment facility, where it is disinfected by chlorine and dechlorinated with sulfur dioxide. Following treatment with sulfur dioxide, the treated effluent is aerated to increase the dissolved oxygen content and subsequently discharged into Councell Creek (a tributary of the Choptank River).

In November of 1988, Easton Utilities began a Sanitary Wastewater Rehabilitation Project aimed at reducing infiltration and inflow (I/I) which are the extraneous sources of flow within the collection system. It is the goal of this project to reduce the amount of extraneous flow by approximately 500,000 gallons per day. This reduction of I/I will cut the cost of the treatment to our customers and extend the life of the facility with respect to capacity.

Design and construction grant funding for the Overland Flow Project and Sanitary Wastewater System Rehabilitation is provided by the US EPA and the State of Maryland. The total project cost to date is 5.44 million dollars with $359,350.00 being the local share.
Easton Utilities
Web site:  http://www.eastonutilities.com/
Operating Company:
Easton Utilities
Web site:  http://www.eastonutilities.com/

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