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  Water Recycling & Reuse System Links

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 Water Recycling & Reuse System Companies
ACS Medio Ambiente
Offering water and wastewater systems and equipment.

Advanced Chemical Technology
Providing industrial water treatment chemicals, equipment and consultation services for the prevention of scale, corrosion, bio-fouling and wastewater treatment.

Aqua Environmental, Inc.
Designs, manufactures, consults and sells wastewater treatment plants for textile, poultry, mining and fishing industries.  We build systems to suit your specifications.

Aqua Recycle
We provide a 100% closed loop laundry wash water recycling system.  Tremendous savings by eliminating water and sewer costs, cost reductions in energy and chemical costs.

Aquatech International Corporation
Offers solutions in for pretreatment, ion exchange, membrane purification, wastewater recycle/reuse and zero liquid discharge.  We can provide integrated treatment solutions for industrial water treatment.

Aquator Group Ltd.
Leaders in the supply and operation of submerged flat-sheet membrane bioreactors with over 700 plants installed worldwide.

Associated Environmental Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Providing services in the field of environmental management including, construction of wastewater treatment plants, effluent treatment plants, environmental assessment, auditing and hazop.

Avanti Trading and Rental
Dutch firm specializing in engineering, manufacturing, trading and rental of all kinds of equipment that is used for industrial cleaning.

Aqua-Flo, Inc.
Manufacture since 1981 of environmentally-friendly, non-chemical water treatment & air purification systems including ozonation systems, cooling water tower treatment, steam boiler treatment, magnetic treatment & descalers.

Aquarelle Filtration Systems
Water filtration using patented technology for removal of hair, lint and fine grit from waste water.

Bauer International Corporation
Specializing in three major areas of water treatment: Systems for treating brackish water, systems for desalinating seawater, and SBR's and other systems for treating wastewater.

Bio-Microbics, Inc.
Manufacture of clean technologies for the onsite commercial, residential, and marine wastewater treatment markets that harness renewable water sources from wastewater and storm water to offer significant benefits for water redistribution.

Biosource, Inc.
Technology developer for the water and wastewater treatment industry.   Products include water recycling systems, reverse osmosis and ground water remediation.

Blue Spring Corporation
Patented zero discharge, closed-loop water recycling systems for metal finishing, chemical processing and industrial wastewater. It costs less to recycle water than to waste it.

Bord na Mona Environmental Products US Inc.
Providing wastewater treatment and water reuse systems as well as odor treatment and voc abatement for municipal, decentralized or on-site community and commercial applications.

BSL Global Water Solutions, Inc.
Developer and manufacturer of water purification systems for drinking water and wastewater treatment systems for municipalities and industrial use. Our transportable system will produce 200 gallons of fresh potable water per minute.

Burns & McDonnell
An international engineering, architecture and consulting firm with offices world-wide.  More than 1,200 engineers, architects, scientists, technicians and other specialists plan, design and implement systems and projects.

C + G Depurazione Industriale
Design & supply of equipment for treatment of industrial waste water & effluents.  Products include, ion-exchange stations, vacuum evaporators, RO stations, UF stations. Specializing in used water recovery with zero discharge.

Complete Water Services, LLC
Wastewater plants built by wastewater people.  Offering a powerful combination of hands-on plant experience, design consulting construction and operation expertise.

Cromaglass Corp.
Manufacture of turnkey SBR wastewater treatment systems. We offer more than ten treatment models that enable effective treatment of wastewater flows ranging from 500 to 200,000 gallons per day.

Digital Analysis Corp.
Manufacture of pH adjustment and packaged industrial wastewater treatment systems.

EcoSystem Technologies Inc.
Offering design and build of advanced water and wastewater treatment plants with competent technical staff with more than 15 years of acquired expertise and experience overseas.

Eco-Tec Inc.
A globally recognized manufacturer of proprietary water treatment, gas processing and chemical purification systems that offer significant cost reduction and superior process efficiency.

EEC (USA), Inc.
Manufacture of turnkey biological treatment plants for hotels, military and other sites that generate organic wastes.

Environmental Liquid Reclamation, Inc.
Manufacture of evaporators that utilize mechanical vapor recompression to reduce wastewater volumes by 90% at rates up to 25,000 gallons per day.

Environmental Recycling Alternatives, Inc.
Providing waste minimization and reclamation equipment/systems for wastewater and sludges.

Environmental Systems Technology and Research, Inc. (ESTR)
Our low-cost DAF turnkey retrofit system is a breakthrough technology that produces smaller bubbles than any other in the industry, resulting in lower chemical, energy, and maintenance costs. We have applied this technology to treatment systems of all types.

EPC Ltd.
A leading provider of innovative, patented onsite wastewater treatment plants in the clean-tech market for more than 15 years.  Our systems serve commercial, public and residential needs. The company holds ISO 9000:2001 certification.

Eutek Systems, Inc.
We are engaged in the design, fabrication and sales of wastewater reclamation equipment.  Our equipment provides grit, sugar, sand, abrasive and fixed solids removal from water and wastewater sources.

Distech NZ
Manufacture and installer of vacuum distillation, vapor compression systems for removal of suspended salts and metals in wastewater.

Douglas Engineering
Manufacture of oil skimmers, scum skimmers and floating decanters for wastewater, industrial process water and emergency spill response.

Your leading manufacture & supplier of bag filter technology including; single bag and multi bag filter housings, duplex bag filter systems, engineered-to-order bag filter systems and all types of replacement filter bags. 100% Guaranteed fast delivery of bag filter housings and filter bags of almost all materials and micron ratings. Call 248-427-9090 ext. 147 or email info@filtrasystems.com us now to solve your bag filter problems.

Greener Waste Limited
We understand and employ all types of water treatment technologies. Recognizing the diversity and variability of site needs, we have developed a wide range of bacteria cultures, application units and reactor systems to give reliable solutions.

Hoffland Environmental, Inc.
Design and installation of wastewater treatment equipment to the metal finishing industry. Products include clarifiers, DAF, filter presses, oil-water separators, reverse osmosis, screening, sludge thickeners and drying equipment.

Hydro Management Systems
Manufacturer car wash water recycling systems, setting the industry standard as the definitive recycling system for all car washing applications.

Hydro-Tech Environmental Systems, Inc.
Specializing in water treatment and recycling for commercial and industrial waste stream generators.

Infilco Degremont, Inc.
Manufacture of water and waste water treatment equipment.   Complete line of potable and waste water treatment systems, we are able to provide total solutions to our customers problems.  R&D center and complete pilot plant.f

In-Pipe Technology Company, LLC
A major breakthrough in wastewater treatment that converts your entire sewer collection system into a highly efficient, high-speed treatment process.

Kemco Systems, Inc.
Providing high efficiency, environmentally friendly heat recovery and water treatment systems, guaranteeing performance that will save water, labor, energy, sewer and chemical costs.

Kurion Technologies Ltd.
Specialists in designing and building wastewater treatment plants and water recycling systems. Specializing in chromic acid recycling, precious metal recovery and vacuum evaporation systems.

Liquid Solutions, Inc.
We specialize in the removal of heavy metals, suspended solids, oil & grease, petroleum products and more.  We design and manufacture water and wastewater treatment systems.

Living Machines Inc.
Providing "natural-systems" approach to wastewater and sewage treatment using principles of ecological design.  Offering innovative WWT facilities for communities, resorts, and industrial users.

Pan America Environmental
Offering industrial wastewater treatment systems, oil/water separation, dissolved air flotation, inclined plate clarifiers, filter systems, vehicle wash treatment plants and more.

PCI Membrane Systems, Inc.
Utilizes an extensive range of ceramic, spiral and tubular membranes for microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis liquid separation applications.

Pure Process Systems
An environmental engineering and technology applications company that uses the most innovative technologies in the treatment, reclamation and reuse of industrial process wastewater. Our focus is on total solutions.

Remco Engineering
Manufacture of industrial water and waste water treatment systems for water purification, metal recovery and recycling.

Seair Diffusion Systems Inc.
Our proprietary technology allows for customized, cost effective and energy saving transfer of gases (ie. oxygen, ozone, CO2) into liquid; whereby stable supersaturate solutions are created. Vast improvements are realized in wastewater treatment.

Seapoint Systems, LLC
We design and manufacture MBR-based wastewater treatment package plants for community applications, commercial and residential land development projects, disaster response and reuse applications.  Modules are delivered prefabricated and pre-tested.

Separation Dynamics Inc.
Manufacturer of water filtration and recycling products.

Sheaffer International, LLC
An environmental consulting and engineering firm specializing in water and wastewater treatment systems and wastewater reuse systems.

Skimtech, Inc.
Offering safe and highly efficient tube-type oil skimmers. The new products being brought to the market are the most innovative oil skimming solutions to date.

Thermax Limited
Offering energy and environmental solutions to industry.  Design, installation and commissioning of turnkey projects for water, wastewater treatment, cogeneration and water recycling.

UEM, Inc.
An international environmental services company specializing in providing turnkey design and construction services to the water and wastewater industry, both commercial and municipal.

Ural Process Engineering Company Ltd.
Develops, designs and manufacturers heavy metals removal wastewater treatment systems utilizing patents AC electrocoagulation process and solid waste removal reactors.

US Desal, Inc.
Offering integration of large diameter RO membranes into low-cost, containerized reverse osmosis systems designed for high volume, low cost manufacture.

Valve and Filter Corporation
For over 15 years, manufacture of filtration systems and control valves.  We specialize in custom-made filtration systems.

Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies
The world leader in water treatment.  From small scale pure water units through to turnkey water and wastewater treatment plants.  Our range of technologies, services and design/build capabilities meet the needs of municipalities and industry.

W2 Systems
Design, build and service process water and wastewater treatment equipment for the technology, food and energy sectors.

Waterloo Biofilter Systems, Inc.
Manufacture of a patented wastewater treatment systems.  Our system is a trickle-type filter using a synthetic foam medium to reduce BOD and TSS by over 90%.   Application include leachate treatment and wastewater polishing.

Wastech International, Inc., Seapoint Div.
Pre-engineered modular wastewater treatment and water reclamation package plants.  Advanced wastewater treatment, fully integrated equipment system and automatic operation.

Wastewater Engineers, Inc.
Affordable, turnkey wastewater treatment & water recycling systems and supplies. Specialists in streams from 100 - 100,000 gallons per month.  Very strong guaranteed performance.

Wedeco AG
Offering both conventional and high concentration ozone generators, ozone destruction units, ozone monitors, advanced oxidation systems, biological treatment, and UV disinfection systems for waste water treatment plants.

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