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  Ask Tom! - Archived Articles

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Welcome to Ask Tom!, a monthly column by our resident water treatment guru, Tom Keenan of National Environmental Services Agency (NESA).  Tom addresses the issues that bug you the most. And Tom knows!!  With 35 years experience in providing environmental support services to public and private sector clients on a wide range of environmental issues.


 2010 Articles

Water & Wastewater Liquid Tank Selection (September 2010)
by Bill Neighbors, Tank Connection

 2009 Articles

Using Zeta Potential to Optimize Water Treatment (January 2008)
Guest article by Ana Morfesis & Ulf Nobbmann, Malvern Instruments

 2008 Articles

Storage Tank and Silo Selection Liquid & Dry Bulk Storage (June 2008)
Guest article by Bill Neighbors, Tank Connection

 2007 Articles

Electro-Catalytic Oxidation of Oily-Wastewater Process Streams (August 2007)
Guest article by David Orlebeke, Director, Aquatic Technologies
Seawater Desalination : An Ocean of Opportunities (April 2007)
Guest article by Nikolay Voutchkov, Poseidon Resources Corporation
Hose Pumps : Ideal for Abrasive Applications (February 2007)
Guest article by Chuck Treutel P.E., Watson-Marlow Bredel Pumps

 2006 Articles

Concentrating RO Reject Streams with VSEP (October 2006)
Guest article by Dr. Brad Culkin, New Logic Research, Inc.
Cluster Systems - Advanced Treatment and Community Character (August 2006)
Guest article by Dennis F. Hallahan, P.E., Technical Director, Infiltrator Systems Inc.
"Shearforce" Rotor : Unique Concept in Pumping Fluids (June 2006)
Guest article by Frank Tybor of Shearforce Ltd. Company

 2005 Articles

Zeta Potential in Water Treatment Process Control (September 2005)
Guest article by Bruce Jefferson and Simon A Parsons
A Membrane Pretreatment Technology (August 2005)
Guest article by Dr. Marcus N. Allhands, PE, Amiad Filtration Systems
Design of an USAB Reactor (May 2005)
Guest article by Dr. Makarand M. Ghangrekar, IIT
Removal of Ammonia from Municipal Wastewater (March 2005)
Guest article by Brent W. Cowan, P.E., CSC Technology, Inc., et al
Everything You Wanted To Know About Water Softening (January 2005)
Guest article by Gary Schreiber, The Purolite Company

 2004 Articles

Low Cost Solution for Heavy Metals Contamination Removal (September 2004)
Guest article by Doug Austin PE, ADT Environmental Solutions
Stormwater Screening Adds Capacity to Collection Systems (August 2004)
Guest article by Fritz Egger, JWC Environmental
Methods for UASB Reactor Design (June 2004)
Guest article by Nguyen Tuan Anh
New Aeration Technology Improves Oxygen Transfer (March 2004)
Guest article by Mike Meyer, Mazzei Injector Company, LLC
A Case for Thermal Oxidization of Wastewater (Jan 2004)
Guest article by Ronald G. Fink, Andrew C. Hyatt and Michael L. Chaudron

 2003 Articles

Membrane Filtration Enhances Landfill Effluent Treatment (Dec 2003)
Guest article by Greg Johnson, New Logic Research, Inc.
"Wyoming" Bentonite Pond Liners and Sealants (Sept. 2003)
Guest article by Charles R. Landis, Ph.D., Bentonite Performance Minerals
In Control: Density Measurement, Theory and Practice (June 2003)
by Dan Capano, DTS, Inc.
Petroleum Wastewater - Desalter Case Study (April 2003)
Guest article by Greg Johnson, New Logic Research
New Challenges:  Lining Wastewater Pond with Steel Plate (March 2003)
Guest article by Paul Windham, VP, Fisher Tank Company
Bio-Activation in Wastewater and Collection Systems (Feb. 2003)
Guest article by Scott Windham of Natural Resource Protection Inc.
Grinders and Comminutors - An Evolving Technology (Jan. 2003)
Guest article by William Galanty, President, Franklin Miller, Inc.

 2002 Articles

A Consumers' Guide to Full-Bore Magnetic Flowmeters
Guest article by David Spitzer PE and Walt Boyes
Integrating Modeling in Urban and Rural Applications
Guest Article by Tony Andrews, Customer Services Manager, Wallingford Software
Using Vibrating Membranes to Treat Oily Wastewater
Guest article by Greg Johnson of New Logic Research
Pre-Selection of Flocculants Using a Separation Analyzer
Guest article by T. Sobisch, LUM GmbH
Specifying Rotationally-Molded PE Storage Tanks
Guest Article by Darrell Oltman & Arthur Blaker
Distributed Control Systems Primer
by Dan Capano, DTS, Inc.

 2001 Articles

In Control - Considerations for Control Systems Part One: Process Parameters
by Dan Capano, DTS, Inc.
In Control - Considerations for Control Systems Part Two: Flow Measurement 
by Dan Capano, DTS, Inc.
Practical Aspects of an Effluent Recycle System
Guest article by Shrikant Deshpande, Thermax
Polyethylene Chemical Storage Vessels: What's New and What's Right
Guest article by Marshall Lampson VP, Innovation and Technology Poly Processing Company
In Control Part III - Liquid Level Measurement
by Dan Capano, DTS, Inc.
Why Do Polyethylene Tanks Crack?
Guest article by Marshall Lampson, Dr. A. Brent Strong and Dr. Raed Al-Zubi

 Guest Articles

Help others by posting your comments, suggestions and experiences with water or wastewater treatment or any other concerns you may have on our On-Line Help Forum

Guest articles for the Ask Tom! Column are always welcome, for more information please contact Tom Keenan directly at his email address: info@nesa.ie


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