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Vol. 13 - No. 427  
February 7, 2011  
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Natgun and DYK Merge to form DN Tanks

Wakefield, MA and El Cajon, CA -- Natgun Corporation of Wakefield, MA and DYK Incorporated of El Cajon, CA jointly announced the merger of their companies on January 4, 2011, and the formation of their new parent company “DN Tanks, Inc.”.

Both companies specialize in the design and construction of prestressed concrete storage tanks used for potable water, waste water, chilled water, and other liquids. The merger of the two companies, with over 130 years of combined experience, creates the largest producer of wire and strand-wound prestressed concrete tanks in the world.

Initially, Natgun and DYK will operate under their existing names, as divisions of DN Tanks. As the integration process takes place, they will evolve into a single operating company. A four-member Board of Directors, comprised of Charles Crowley, William Hendrickson, William Crowley, and David Gourley, will lead DN Tanks, Inc. Charles Crowley and William Hendrickson will serve as Co-CEO’s.

Both DYK and Natgun design and construct prestressed concrete tanks in accordance with the American Water Works Association Standard D110. Each company brings specialized skills to meet varying project requirements. While there are some differences in the methods of tank construction, both companies share a commitment to quality, durability, and to delivering long-term value for their customers. The merger of the two companies into DN Tanks results in expanded construction capacity, unmatched technical expertise, and proficiency in multiple types of proven tank designs to provide customized liquid storage solutions for their customers.

“Our vision for the merger is to leverage the strengths of each company to become more efficient, and to increase construction capacity. That results in expanded opportunity for utilities and industries to enjoy the benefits of prestressed concrete tanks”, said DN Tanks Co-CEO Charles Crowley. He also noted opportunity for employees. “By combining our two organizations, we will create an environment that will allow dedicated and talented employees from DYK and Natgun to thrive in the future.”

William Hendrickson, DN Tanks Co-CEO stated, “The combination of DYK and Natgun into the newly formed DN Tanks brings together two very strong organizations. With our combined resources, we will expand our ability to deliver the best product and service to our clients. As a combined company, DN Tanks will excel in terms of solving problems, creating solutions, and delivering well-managed, conservatively designed, safe projects on time and within budget.”

With Operations Centers in Massachusetts, Texas, and California, as well as multiple Regional Offices, DN Tanks will serve clients nationally and internationally.




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WaterRF Funds Perchlorate Treatment Research

Denver, CO -- The Water Research Foundation (WaterRF) is funding a special project to assess the current state of science related to perchlorate treatment technologies and regulations in the United States. The Foundation’s new research anticipates new regulations from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulating perchlorate in drinking water.

Perchlorate is a chemical primarily used in the manufacturing of explosives and rocket propellants for the defense and aerospace industries. Low levels of ammonium perchlorate have also been found to occur naturally in the environment. Perchlorate contamination is becoming a widespread concern as sources of such contamination continue to be identified and more sensitive analytical methods are developed that can detect this compound in soil, groundwater, and surface water.

WaterRF’s Rapid Response Project titled, “State of Science on Perchlorate Treatment Technologies and Regulations,” will be conducted by Dr. Geno Lehman, P.E. and Dr. Arun Subramani, both from the MWH Americas, Inc. The study is scheduled to be completed in April 2011. Once finalized, WaterRF will host two informational workshops for subscribers.

“It is crucial that EPA’s new regulations pertaining to perchlorate be based on sound science,” said Rob Renner, Executive Director of WaterRF. “The research we are initiating will help establish a solid benchmark of the current state of the science and existing regulations from which EPA and other interested parties can make informed decisions.”




Siemens’ Disc Filters Increase Capacity at Ohio WWTP

Warrendale, PA -- The Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (Ohio, USA) will be installing four Forty-X disc filters from Siemens Water Technologies at its Sycamore Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant. Part of a wastewater treatment improvement project, the filters will allow the plant to increase design flow capacity from 6 to 9 mgd (22,712 to 34,069 m3/d), with a peak flow capacity of 18 mgd (68,137 m3/d). The project also changes the plant’s process from conventional activated sludge treatment to advanced biological phosphorus removal.

The disc filters will replace the Sycamore Creek plant’s current sand filtration system, which has reached its usefulness due to increased flow volumes. Three of the disc filters will be operational, with one remaining in stand-by mode. The Forty-X disc filters’ small footprint and versatile hydraulic capabilities will allow them to be easily retrofitted into the sand filters’ existing concrete tankage, using only four of the eight filter concrete basins to meet the increased plant capacity.

The Forty-X disc filter’s pleated filter media panel design provides 40% more filtration area, compared to flat panel designs. The inside-out filtration design offers many distinct advantages over the outside-in filtration technology. For example, all mechanical and functional hardware as well as the filtration panels are accessible from the top of the filter without draining the filter tank.

The filter panel’s spoke (housing) design discourages floatable materials from catching and impeding water flow through the filter. Additionally, for safety and convenience, permanently mounted sliding covers allow operators easy access to all the filter components as well as keeping blowing debris out of the tank and deterring algae growth within the filter tank.



Innovative Biogas Solution for Alaskan WWTP

Weston, MA -- A year ago, Palmer, Alaska, faced a problem common to thousands of towns and cities: its aging 3-lagoon wastewater treatment plant was failing—and faced an estimated $60 million price tag for upgrades. Today, Palmer’s treatment plant is on track to treat more wastewater with less energy, and even generate power—without expanding the facility’s size or paying staggering upgrade costs.

“We’re going to significantly reduce capital costs,” says Palmer’s Public Works Director Carter Cole. “But this has so many other implications. We’re taking the waste out of wastewater.”

The town contracted wastewater system consulting firm, Ecological Engineering Group (EEG), which designed a phased solution to optimize the performance of the existing lagoons by adding floating insulation (Phase 1) and injecting free waste heat from a combined heat and power plant fueled with biogas from an anaerobic digester (Phase 2). The digester will use organic wastes such as animal manures, garbage and sewage sludge as feedstock to produce methane to power the entire plant — and sell excess power to reduce the town’s utility rates through energy recovery.

These low-cost additions to the wastewater treatment facility, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, boost natural processes to get more and better treatment in a smaller space, stabilizing the town’s utility rates. A second part of phase 2 will collect and re-inject the waste heat from a proposed natural gas fueled electric power plant into the lagoons, allowing even more wastewater to be treated in the same space. The current 1 million-gallon-per-day (gpd) plant will increase in capacity to 8 million gpd simply by adding sufficient heat to the influent to maintain an optimum environment for microbial growth and reproduction. The result will be cleaner water, reduced operating costs, and increased energy efficiency and production.

“Ecological Engineering Group is the front-runner in this field,” Cole says. “No other firm came close to meeting our needs. Other firms didn’t want to even consider this approach. They wanted to sell us an expensive new treatment plant. EEG was the only one that gave us accurate information about what was going on in the treatment works and what could be done to solve our problems without starting over, eliminating a $60 million-dollar upgrade cost.”

The principle behind the design is a patent-pending EEG approach known as the Del Porto Q10 System. “Q10” refers to the biological principle that warming a metabolic process by 10 degrees Centigrade will boost the rate of activity by a factor of two. For Palmer, it means doubling the amount of treatment in the lagoon for every ten degrees rise in temperature. The result is treating more wastewater to a higher standard - producing cleaner discharges to surface waters and creating opportunities for water reuse.

“This has huge potential for cities and the private sector, “according to Cole, “it shows that wastewater utilities can be self-sufficient for costs and energy, and even serve as generators of significant volumes of clean energy. What we learned in Palmer should go statewide – the energy in wastewater is an untapped resource, the EEG approach simply makes economic and ecological sense.”




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