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Vol. 14 - No. 456  
March 1, 2012  
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Takreer Selects Siemens' Zimpro Wet Air Oxidation

Warrendale, PA -- Siemens Industry Automation Division is providing Takreer (Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Co.) with a Zimpro wet air oxidation (WAO) system to treat refinery spent caustic as part of the company's expansion of its refinery in Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, UAE. One of the advanced technologies that will help Takreer meet environmental regulations, the WAO system will treat odorous sulfides and produce biodegradable effluent for discharge to the facility's effluent treatment plant. The expansion project is scheduled to be complete by late 2013.

The refinery expansion project will increase crude oil refining capacity by 417,000 barrels per day using the latest advanced technology for downstream processing units to produce higher quality products and to comply with UAE and international environmental standards. The Zimpro wet air oxidation system will be part of the new downstream units. 

Wet oxidation is the oxidation of soluble or suspended components in an aqueous environment, using oxygen as the oxidizing agent. When air is used as the source of oxygen, the process is referred to as wet air oxidation (WAO). The process will oxidize odorous reduced sulfur species such as sulfides and mercaptides. WAO can pretreat difficult wastewater streams like refinery spent caustic, making them amenable for discharge to a conventional biological treatment plant for polishing.

Siemens Industry Automation Division is working closely with Siemens in Seoul, Korea and EPC firm SK Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd on the Takreer contract.

The Abu Dhabi Oil Refining Company (TAKREER) is a subsidiary of the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). A leader in the UAE refining industry, Takreer has been responsible for such refining operations as the crude oil, condensate refining, and supply of petroleum products since 1999.

Zimpro is a trademark of Siemens and/or its affiliates in some countries.




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Measuring Oil and Grease Levels in Frac Water

East Norwalk, CT -- The amount of water used in and produced by hydraulic fracturing of shale gas wells is in the millions of gallons per well. Whether the water is going to be taken off-site for disposal or reused for re-injection, the flowback or produced water needs pretreatment to remove any residual oil from the water. Waiting for remote laboratory results to determine the oil level can take several days to a week. The InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers allow for oil in water testing at the well site in less than 10-15 minutes. The sampling requires a few simple steps that can be performed by non-technical personnel. The water is mixed with the extraction solvent, shaken, and then presented to the InfraCal Analyzer for measurement. The same InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzer can be used for measuring total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) in soil if a spill or pond leak occurs to determine the contaminated area. 

This type of measurement is not new as infrared measurement of oil and grease levels in produced water has been used in the petroleum industry on highly regulated off-shore and on-shore oil platforms for well over 30 years. The InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers are used worldwide for this particular type of measurement. 

InfraCal TOG/TPH Analyzers offer a simple and quick measurement procedure that can help operators ensure the oil/water separator is working properly before it creates a sheen on an evaporation pond or before the water undergoes further treatment for reinjection. Operators can easily assess their system’s efficiency and adjust parameters without waiting a week for an off-site laboratory result. 




Veolia Wastewater Treatment Technology for Peacehaven

West Midlands, UK -- Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies are constructing a major new process plant at Peacehaven Wastewater Treatment Works, part of Southern Water’s £300m environmental project to bring cleaner seas to Sussex.

The works, being built by 4Delivery Limited, will treat wastewater for a population equivalent of up to 300,000, using Veolia’s Multiflo™ lamella clarifiers for primary treatment and Biostyr® for biological secondary treatment.

The fat, oil, grease and grit removal system consists of three identical aerated concrete channels, each 25.75m long x 5m wide and fitted with chain and flight scrapers which remove settled solids from the bottom of the channel whilst also removing grease and other non-settling debris from the top via a scum tube. Primary treatment for the 95Ml per day flow is carried-out by settlement using Multiflo lamella clarifiers. Peacehaven is the first UK Multiflo lamella system to incorporate both automatic lamella plate cleaning and an automatic scum removal system. A lamella block system was also adopted to speed up the installation of the plate packs. 

Secondary treatment uses a battery of ten Biostyr® biological aerated flooded filters. These compact filters will provide removal of COD and BOD as well as eliminate suspended solids and particulate pollutants to give a high clarity effluent for discharge to the sea. The Biostyr air blowers and internal air grids are installed and all the nozzles have been fitted to the nozzle slab. Air flow distribution pipework and the feed and backwash pipework, which were all fabricated on site, have been fitted in the gallery where all ten units are ready for media installation.

Following hydraulic testing and dry commissioning the first flow to the new works is scheduled for Spring 2012 with final completion by the end of March 2013.

The project is being carried out by 4Delivery, which is a consortium comprising Veolia Water, Costain and MWH, and is also carrying out a £700 million program of environmental improvement and water quality schemes for Southern Water across Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight, in addition to the Cleaner Seas for Sussex Scheme.



Onset Announces New Data Logging Software

Bourne, MA -- Onset, the world’s leading supplier of data loggers, today announced HOBOware 3.3, a new version of the company’s industry-leading graphing and analysis software that dramatically speeds up deployment time in energy and environmental monitoring projects.

HOBOware 3.3 includes a number of time-saving features that make it faster than ever to configure HOBO® data loggers and weather stations in the field, and analyze the collected data. Key features include:

• Batch configuration and readout – With HOBOware 3.3, users configure and readout multiple data loggers in a fraction of the time it would take with previous generations. This time-saving feature is a particular advantage in applications requiring hundreds of data loggers, such as building energy audits or monitoring stream temperatures.

• Pre-launch filtering and scaling – These tools enable users to pre-configure their data loggers so upon readout, the data will display max/min/average readings at set intervals (per hour/per day), and will be automatically plotted to scale in real-world engineering units.

• Bulk export – This enables users to quickly and easily export HOBOware files to text format for use in Microsoft Excel and other programs. The tool automates file naming and management tasks to streamline the export process and save time.

HOBOware 3.3 also provides support for Onset’s new HOBO UX90 Series, the industry’s most comprehensive family of time-of-use data loggers. The series includes data loggers for monitoring light usage, room occupancy, motor on/off status, state changes, pulse signals, and more.




The News Center : More headlines
New Hampshire WTP Receives Performance Award
Lake Massabesic Water Treatment Plant receivs rarely achieved Phase IV "Excellence in Water Treatment" recognition from the Partnership for Safe Water.

Sorubin : Promising Cooperation Over Small Aerators
Sorubin has signed an exclusive license agreement with newly formed small aerator specialist Sottelbin.
Municipality Retrofits RBC`s with Biowater Technology
Biowater’s Complete Mix Fixed Film (CMFF®) system was chosen to retrofit Elverom RA municipality's WWTP.

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Water and Wastewater Blog
Don Dunnington, Moderator
What Apple Can Teach Us about the Future of Business in China
Apple Store in Shanghai, China "Since 2008, an increasing number of domestic manufacturers have asked us to improve the design and function of their product.”
Air Products Converts Wastewater Gas to Hydrogen Fuel
Hydrogen fuel cell gas station "Methane gas from the WWTP holding tanks enters a purification system and then feeds into a fuel cell where it is reformed to hydrogen."
Could Google's Engineering Ethic Help Move Your Organization Ahead?
"If we can't win on quality, we shouldn't win at all" Google's co-founder Larry Page told the company's new brand manager, Douglas Edwards."

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Industrial Plant Boiler Blowdown Effluent Query:

am looking to gain data for BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) and Chemical Composition for a typical industrial boiler blowdown effluent.

If anyone can provide any information, or point me towards any documents that would provide any references I would be grateful.

Although I would ideally like info on a Biomass CHP Boiler blowdown effluent, any other type would suffice, e.g. Oil and Gas Plant, CHP Plant, as I understand that the boiler technology/equipment is much the same, at that end of the process.

Any help would be appreciated!


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Fujairah Wastewater Treatment Plant
Fujairah, United Arab Emirates

The plant is designed for 16,000 m3/d as daily flow and maximum 1,501 m3/h as hourly flow,. The process is based on an surface aeration system, with nitrification/denitrification. The pre-thickened sludge is transferred by eccentric screw pumps via the suction line and the pressure line from the pre-thickened sludge storage tank.... (Click here to read more...)

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