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  Air Quality and Pollution Control Books

Click here now

Top Picks From Amazon.com
Dust Explosion Prevention and Protection:
A Practical Guide
Air Pollution Control Engineering:
Basic Calculations for Particulate Collection
Click here "Includes is new materialon the containment and venting of dust explosions."

by John Barton
Hardcover: 300 pages,
March 2002

Click here by William Licht
Hardcover: 477 pages, 1988
Air Pollution Control Equipment
Selection Guide
Dust Explosions in the Process Industries  
Click here "...guide eases the burden by providing extensive information on the best equipment available for any air pollution control problem."

by Kenneth Schifftner
Hardcover: 248 pages
June 2002

Click here stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"...the most comprehensive overview of the subject ever developed."

by Rolf K. Eckhoff
Paperback, 643 pages, June 2003

Industrial Air Pollution Control Systems Catalytic Air Pollution Control:
Commercial Technology
"The ultimate air pollution control problem-solver kit. Now you can solve virtually any air pollution control (APS) problem that comes..."

by William L. Heumann (Editor) Hard Cover
560 pages, August 1997

stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"...offers a comprehensive and practical discussion of today's commercial catalytic technologies"

by Ronald M. Heck, Robert J. Farrauto, Paperback, 206 pages, October 1994

System Safety Engineering and Risk Assessment:  A Practical Approach Air Pollution Engineering Manual  
Click here stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"This is one of the best safety books I have seen..."

by Nicholas J. Bahr
256 pages, September 1997

Click here stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"One of the most useful tools for Environmental Engineers."

by Wayne T. Davis (Editor)
912 pages, 2nd edition, March 2000

Air Quality Control Handbook Electrostatic Precipitator Handbook  
"This handbook is the foundation for 1990 Clean Air Act"

by Lem B. Stevens, Wm. Cleland, E. R. Roberts
Hard Cover, 350 pages
April 1998

"Explains the principles of both tube and parallel-plate precipitators, and the processes of dust charging and collection."

by D. A. Lloyd
Hard Cover, September 1988

Air Pollution Engineering Manual Particulate Flows:
Processing and Rheology
"..this manual provides industry professionals with the guidelines needed to comply with recent air pollution standards and regulations."

by Anthony J. Buonicore, Wayne T. Davis
Hardcover, 918 pages, 1992

by D. A. Drew, D. D. Joseph and S. L. Passman
Hard Cover, January 1998
Odor and Voc Control Handbook

Search Amazon.com

Click here "First complete guide to controlling odors generated by industrial sources..."

by Harold J. Rafson (Editor)Hardcover, 800 pages, 1998

Other Book Selections  
Adsorption Technology for Air and Water Pollution Control
A Practical Guide to Air Quality Compliance
"This new edition provides a straightforward, nonlegal explanation of the regulatory and technical concepts of air quality compliance."
Air Pollution Control Engineering:  Basic Calculations for Particulate Collection
Air Pollution Control and Design for Industry
"...devoted entirely to the practical understanding and control of industrial air pollution problems. As such it should be useful to engineers, scientists, and managers, as well as regulators."
Dust Collection with Bag Filters & Envelope Filters
Dust Explosions
Electrostatic Hazards in Powder Handling
"This monograph provides the essential background needed to judge the electrostatic hazards associated with powder handling, processing and storage and to derive appropriate safety measures."
Fluidization, Solids Handling and Processing:  Industrial Applications (Particle Technology Series)
Gas Fluidization (Handbook of Powder Technology)
Guide to Dust Explosion Prevention and Protection
Handbook of Air Pollution Control Engineering and Technology
"...primarily for regulatory personnel, practicing engineers, and engineering/science students. Contains general information on air pollution and technical aspects of air pollution control equipment in general."
Particle Classification
"For engineers working in fields that involve the reduction or enlargement of particles, including the chemical, petroleum, mining, and food industries, describes the fundamentals of the wet-classification of particles and presents a scientific basis for solving classification problems."
Particle Size Classifiers
Powder Technology and Multiphase Systems:  Gas Permeametry and Surface Area Measurement
Principles of Flow in Disperse Systems (Powder Technology)
"...the predictive power of theoretical models is of prime importance in the field of flows in disperse systems, especially where the addition of particulate material increases the complexity of the system."
Sizing and Selecting Air Pollution Control System
Sources and Control of Air Pollution
"...a comprehensive treatment of possible contamination of the atmosphere, the physical and social environment in which it occurs, and the resultant impacts."
Wet Scrubbers
stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"This second edition enlarges the discussion on the theory of operation, includes new sections on hybrid scrubber systems and irrigated fiber-bed filters that use Brownian motion capture techniques, and incorporates the more stringent air pollution regulations."

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