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  Engineering Handbooks and Reference Books

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Top Picks From Amazon.com
Handbook of Environmental Engineering Calculations Project Managers' Portable Handbook  
stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"...provides step-by-step practical calculations & procedures in many environmental control areas

by C. C. Lee (Editor), Shun Dar Lin (Editor) Hardcover, 1,504 pages, 2000

stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"This is a stunning contribution! Exactly what PMs need. Lot of authors say they have "the" handbook"

by David I. Cleland, Lewis R. Ireland, Paperback, 464 pages, 1999

Handbook of Mechanical Engineering Calculations CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics  
Click here "Now you can solve just about any mechanical engineering problem with unheard-of speed.."

by Tyler Gregory Hicks
Hardcover, 1024 pages, December 1997

stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"GREAT reference for anyone interested in science"

by David R. Lide (editor)
Hard Cover, 2496 pages, 78th Edition

Mechanical Vibrations:  Book and Disk Plant Layout and Flow Improvement  
"A text that serves as an introduction to the subject of vibration engineering at the undergraduate level."

by Singiresu S. Rao
Hard Cover, 912 pages, February 1995

"...material handling and flow...offers a logical method for solving problems."

by Jay Cedarleaf
Paperback, 230 pages, 2nd Edition, January 1994

Perry's Chemical Engineers' Platinum Edition McGraw-Hill's National Electric Code Handbook   
"...the Chemical Engineer's Bible.  I wish I had the CD version in college."

by Robert Perry, Don Green, James Maloney
Hardcover, 3000 pages, Bk&cdr, 7th edition, 1999

stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"This book cuts through the "code speak" and tells how to interpret the National Electrical Code."

by B. McParland and J. McParland
Hard Cover, 22nd Edition, May 1996

Roark's Formulas for Stress and Strain Marks' Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers (10th Edition)  
stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"...quickly and easily apply formulas for shells, plates, beams, bars, columns, and planes to verify the their design

by Warren C. Young
Hardcover, 763 pages, 6th edition, February 1989

5 out of 5 stars"Marks is the 'Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy' for ME's."

by E. Avallone and T. Baumeister (editors)
Hard Cover, 10th Edition, July 1996

Materials Handbook:  A Concise Desktop Reference Machinery's Handbook:  A Reference Book for the Mechanical Engineer and Machinist  
by Francois Cardarelli
Hardcover, 512 pages, May 2000
stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"Frequently referred to as the Machinists Bible."

by Erik Oberg
Hard Cover, 2,543 pages, large print, January 1997

Simulation Modeling and Analysis

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stars-4-0.gif (402 bytes)"Complete handbook of discrete-event simulation modeling."

by A. M. Law and W. D. Kelton, Hard Cover, 759 pages, 2nd Edition, December 1991

Other Book Selections  
Chemical and Engineering Thermodynamics (Wiley Series in Chemical Engineering)
"A revised edition of the well-received thermodynamics text, this work retains the thorough coverage and excellent organization that made the first edition so popular."
Electrochemical Methods:  Fundamentals and Applications
stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"...basic chemical and physical principles through fundamentals of thermodynamics, kinetics, and mass transfer, to a thorough treatment of all important experimental methods."
The Nalco Water Handbook
Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing and Design:
Steam Reforming, Operating Experience to Storage Tank Explosion Safeguards
"...highly lauded resource provides up-to-the-minute information on the chemical processes, methods, practices, products, and standards in the chemical, and related, industries."
Estimator's Equipment Installation Man-Hour Manual
"This manual eliminates guesswork and enables you to produce fast, accurate equipment installation labor estimates."
Handbook of Air Pollution Control Engineering and Technology
"...primarily for regulatory personnel, practicing engineers, and engineering/science students. Contains general information on air pollution and technical aspects of air pollution control equipment in general."
Handbook of Batch Processing Design
"...this handbook has been written to address this problem and to bring together design and process analysis methods ...of batch process design. ...combining the science and pragmatism required in the development of successful batch processes..."
Handbook of Chemistry and Physics
stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"No physics or chemistry laboratory is complete without this book..."
Handbook of Fire and Explosion Protection:
Engineering Principles for Oil, Gas, Chemical and Related Facilities
Handbook of Industrial Drying: Volumes One & Two
"...a two-volume reference that provides the key elements of fundamentals along with details of industrial dryers and special aspects of drying in specific industries, e.g., foods, pulp and paper, and pharmaceuticals
Introductory Mining Engineering
"Provides in-depth treatment of the applications of mining engineering while reinforcing material with clear, complete analyses of special topics as well as numerical examples and problems."
Manufacturing Facilities Design and Material Handling
stars-4-0.gif (402 bytes)"...step-by- step explanation is oriented towards building a new plant, but the information is also applicable to redesigning facilities, which is much more common. Includes questions and answers."
Materials Handling Engineering Handbook and Directory, 1997-1998
Physical Chemistry
Physical Chemistry of Surfaces
Powder Technology Handbook
"...a hands-on resource examines the fundamental engineering processes of particulate technology—explaining particle definition, measurement and characterization, the properties of assemblages, the intricacies of transport phenomena, and unit operations."
Practical Handbook of Physical Properties of Rocks and Minerals
"...mineral composition of rocks, densities of rocks and minerals, inelastic properties, strength and rheology, magnetic properties, electrical properties, seismic velocities, seismic velocities and attenuation, radioactivity, and spectroscopic and engineering properties of rock."
Thermodynamics and Its Applications (Prentice Hall)
stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"The most comprehensive, rigorous treatment of graduate level chemical thermodynamics for chemical engineers."
The Wiley Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology
"...includes the many changes in materials, processes, technologies, and regulations that have occurred over the past decade, as well as the latest developments in marketing, economics, recycling and the environment, computer-aided design, coatings, nutritional labels, microwave packaging, polyester bottles and jars, and more."
The 1997-98 Yearbook and Directory:  Powder and Bulk Solids Handling and Processing

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