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  Pumping Books

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Top Picks From Amazon.com
Pumping Station Design Centrifugal and Rotary Pumps:
Fundamentals With Applications
Click here "One of the very best engineering texts that I have run across in my career"

by Robert L. Sanks
Hardcover, 1000 pages, February 2001

"For practicing and student engineers, mechanics, operators, and plant managers, relates the fundamental principles of the operation of kinetic and positive displacement pumps.."

by Lev Nelik
Hardcover, 160 pages, 1999

Centrifugal Pump Design Centrifugal Pumps, Second Edition  
by John Tuzson
Hardcover, 450 pages, 2000
"..complete and up-to-date reference gathers practical information on all aspects of centrifugal pumps."

by I. Karassik, T. McGuire, J. McGuire, Hard Cover, 520 pages, November 1997

Hermetic Pumps:  The Latest Innovations and Industrial Applications of Sealless Pumps

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"...basic understanding of flow machines, thermodynamics, electric machines, and design principles."

by Robert Neumaier
Hard Cover, August 1997

Other Book Selections  
Centrifugal Pump User's Guidebook:  Problems and Solutions
"Specifically for the pump user, this book concentrates on the identification and solution of problems associated with existing centrifugal pumps."
Hydrodynamics of Pumps
Pumps and Pumping Operations
"...practical guidance to engineers in selecting, implementing, using, and maintaining industrial hardware for process operations and pollution control. Focusing on pumps and pumping systems used for liquids in the chemical and allied industries and wastewater treatment facilities, describes pipe layout, sizing criteria, seal design, and selection criteria."
The Reciprocating Pump : Theory, Design, and Use

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