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  Wastewater Treatment Books

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Top Picks From Amazon.com
Handbook of Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant Operations Wastewater Bacteria (Microbiology)  
Click here "...a thorough compilation of water science, treatment information, process control procedures and problem-solving techniques"

by Frank R. Spellman
Paperback: 912 pg, 2008

Click here "...a hands-on guide to understanding the biology and biological conditions that occur at each treatment unit."

by Michael H. Gerardi
Paperback, 272 pages, 2006

Wastewater Engineering: Treatment & Reuse Environmental Chemistry of Dyes and Pigments  
Click here stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"It is a monumental work, very clear and well written. We needed this book."

by George Tchobanoglous, Metcalf & Eddy, et al, Hardcover, 1848 pages, March 2002

Click here "...focused on developments in colored wastewater treatment methods"

by Abe Reife, Hardcover, 352 pages, December 1995

Scaleup and Design of Industrial Mixing Processes Small and Decentralized Wastewater Management Systems  
Click here "...how to avoid full-scale disasters that can occur with the scale up of mixing and contacting problems"

by Gary Benjamin Tatterson
Hardcover, 392 pages, April 2003

stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes) "...this book is a fantastic resource, for both teaching and design purposes" 

by Ron Crites, George Tchobanoglous
Hardcover, 1104 pages, 1998

Land Treatment Systems for Municipal and Industrial Wastes The Industrial Wastewater Systems Handbook  
Click here "An A-Z guide for soil, plant and microbe-based wastewater treatment engineers and planners.."

by Ronald W. Crites, Sherwood C. Reed, Hardcover, 336 pages, 2002

"...all the important facts needed to analyze, design, and operate an industrial wastewater system"

by Ralph L. Stephenson, et al, Hardcover, 432 pages, 1997

Industrial Water Reuse and Wastewater Minimization Adsorption Design for Wastewater Treatment  
Click here stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"...methods can cut both the overall investment and operating cost of a process, as well as reduce fresh-water usage."

by James G. Mann, Y. A. Liu
Hardcover, 450 pages, Book+Cd Rom, July 1999

"...especially useful for accurate, direct advice on designing batch and fixed-bed adsorption systems."

by David O. Cooney
Hardcover, 208 pages June 1998

Wastewater Microbiology Wastewater Treatment:
Biological and Chemical Processes
stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)"... well worth a place on the bookshelf of anyone having a professional interest in wastewater microbiology and treatment."

by Gabriel Bitton
Paperback, 488 pages, May 1994

by M. Henze, et al
Hard Cover, 375 pages, 2nd Edition, September 1997
Theory and Practice of Water and Wastewater Treatment

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stars-4-0.gif (402 bytes)"...details the technologies used in water and wastewater management today, including standard practice and state of the art."

by Ronald Droste
Hard Cover, 800 pages, August 1996

List more books on wastewater:
Wastewater Books

Other Book Selections  
Activated Sludge Treatment of Industrial Wastewater
Agricultural Recycling of Sewage Sludge and the Environment
Anaerobic Sewage Treatment:  Guide for Regions with a Hot Climate stars-5-0.gif (430 bytes)
"Excellent practical guide with case studies supporting theory"
Biological and Chemical Systems for Nutrient Removal
Biological Wastewater Treatmentstars-4-0.gif (402 bytes)
Biotreatment of Agricultural Wastewater
Chemical Hazards at Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants
"Considers gases encountered both as reagents and as byproducts; heavy metals; pesticides with additive effects; strong acids, bases and oxidizing agents; and an array of horrible diseases. Includes a plan for safety training and emergency response."
Disinfection By-Products in Water Treatment
Effect of Bicarbonate Alkalinity on Performance of Advanced Oxidation Processes
Fluid Mixing and Gas Dispersion in Agitated Tanks
"...discusses all aspects of mixing and gas dispersion in agitate tanks. The basic fundamentals of mixing are discussed as well as the different methods used. This book gives practitioners the background design calculations, the limits of their design, and to assert the appropriateness of his methods."
Handbook of Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse
High-Performance Aerated Lagoon Systems
Industrial Wastewater Treatment: A Guidebook
Industrial Water Treatment:  Refining, Petrochemicals & Gas Processing
"Assesses the sources of pollution at oil refineries, and summarizes the latest techniques in pollution control and cooling systems."
Methods of Characterization of Sewage Sludge
Preliminary Treatment for Wastewater Facilities
Reuse of Sludge and Minor Wastewater Residuals
Self-Assessment Guide for Surface Water Treatment Plant Optimization
The Microbiology of Activated Sludge
Use of Adsorbents for the Removal of Pollutants from Wastewater
"...a detailed review of the use and applicability of adsorption as a means of treating wastewater."
Water Supply and Sewerage
"Intended to introduce the design of water and wastewater treatment systems, the text incorporates recent improvements in our understanding of fundamental phenomena applications of new technologies and materials and new computational techniques."
Wastewater Engineering:  Collection and Pumping of Wastewater
Wastewater Treatment:  Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
"...operator's guide to basic troubleshooting and problem solving for common problems arising during operations of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants based on EPA standards and the author's experience as a manual writer and manager at Malcolm Pirnie, Inc."

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