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A Portfolio of Digital Services for W&WW Companies

cleanings water - Water and Wastewater Digital Services

Water and Wastewater Services for the Next Era Intelligence

Water and Wastewater (W&WW) Digital Solutions is the marketing business unit of focusing on sales, marketing and OpenAI and Language model-based intelligence solutions for water and wastewater companies that want to benefit from the latest digital solutions to grow revenues, profits, and customer satisfaction.

We provide marketing services, sales and operations consulting, and a knowledge ecosystem. We bring OEMs, Distributors, Municipalities, and Industrial clients the most effective strategies leveraging digital solutions such as OpenAl, ChatGPT, Marketing Technology, and Data and analytics to leapfrog your competition.

We also strive to be the go-to resource for the water and wastewater industry news, product information, insights, latest innovations, and strategies.

Our Services

Digital Marketing

Social, Advertising, SEO, Email Marketing, Partner Marketing, Affliate Marketing Branding


Logo Design, Brand Identitiy, Website Design Strategic Planning


Marketing Roadmap, Customer Research, Personalization, Martech Vendor Assessment

Data Analytics & GenAI

GenAI Apps, Campaign Measurement, Data Monetization

Our Differentiators

W&WW Dedication

We provide digital marketing services to only the W&WW Market


Deep technology, marketing, and data experience


One source of truth for all W&WW sector


Network of partners in the sector

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