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Map and List of all USA wastewater treatment plants

Here is a map and list of all USA wastewater treatment plants. You can Zoom in to your state or city and learn more about the wastewater plants there. You can filter by state or type of treatment. 

It reveals several key insights:

1. Concentration in urban areas: The map shows a high density of wastewater treatment facilities in and around major cities and metropolitan areas, as these regions have larger populations generating more wastewater.

2. Proximity to water bodies: Many wastewater treatment plants would be located near rivers, lakes, and coastal areas, as treated water is often discharged into these water bodies.

3. Regional variations: The map reveals differences in the number and density of treatment plants across various regions of the country, depending on population density, local water resources, and state regulations.

4. Size and capacity: The map includes information about each facility’s size and treatment capacity, indicating which plants handle the most significant volumes of wastewater.

5-Address: The map consists of the address of the plants.

6. Gaps in coverage: The map reveals areas with limited access to centralized wastewater treatment, particularly in rural regions where homes and businesses rely on septic systems.

A comprehensive map of U.S. wastewater treatment plants above provides valuable insights into the nation’s water infrastructure, regional variations, and the relationship between these facilities and the environment.