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Top Picks From Amazon.com
Water Quality and Treatment Handbook, 5th Edition Internal Corrosion of Water Distribution Systems  (Cooperative Research Report)  
"The leading reference covering every facet of public water supply treatment."

by Raymond D. Letterman, American Water Works Association, Larry W. Mays,Hardcover, 1248 pages, 5th edition, 1999

Hard Cover, 2nd Edition, February 1996  
Distribution Valves:  Selection, Installation, Field Testing & Maintenance Water Treatment Plant Design  
by Todd Shimoda, K. Faller, P. Murray (editors)
Paperback, April 1996
"Engineer state-of-the-art water treatment plants. Whether you're called on to modernize an existing water treatment facility"

by ASCE and AWWA
Hard Cover, 1024 pages, 3rd Edition, December 1997

Water Treatment Membrane Processes
(AWWA Research Foundation)

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"Get the engineering savvy you need to capitalize on membrane technology for effective water filtration."

by Peter Odendaal, M. Wiesner and J. Mallevialle, Hard Cover, August 1996

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American Waterworks Association
Water Environment Federation

Other Book Selections  
Advanced Oxidation and Biodegradation Processes for the Destruction of Toc and Dbp Precursors
Automated Process Control Strategies
AWWA Standards, Complete Set, No. 49000
AWWA Standard for Filtering Material
Biological and Chemical Systems for Nutrient Removal
Construction Contract Administration
Development and Validation of Rational Design Methods of Disinfection
Distribution System Requirements for Fire Protection
Ductile-Iron Pipe and Fittings
Effect of Bicarbonate Alkalinity on Performance of Advanced Oxidation Processes
Fiberglass Pipe Design Manual
Preliminary Treatment for Wastewater Facilities
Self-Assessment Guide for Surface Water Treatment Plant Optimization

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