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Remote Control Range’s Compact Pneumatic Actuators

A Powerful and Versatile Pneumatic Actuator

Rotork acquired Remote Control Sweden, a manufacturer of pneumatic linear actuators, to expand its actuation product portfolio. Remote Control Sweden is known for its compact, lightweight cylinder designs in automation across industries. According to Rotork, this strategic acquisition strengthens its position in pneumatics by adding Remote Control Sweden’s advanced technologies to its electric and hydraulic actuator offerings. The deal provides Rotork with additional technical expertise and distribution reach. Overall, it represents a synergistic opportunity for both companies to leverage combined strengths in the actuation market.

Remote Control Range’s Compact Pneumatic Actuators are a fantastic solution for linear motion and force applications. As an engineer, I frequently use pneumatic actuators and was impressed by the power packed into these small, lightweight actuators.

Remote Control Ranges Compact Pneumatic Actuators - Remote Control Range's Compact Pneumatic ActuatorsThe key features that make these actuators stand out are:

– Compact size – Despite their small footprint, these actuators deliver powerful pushing/pulling force up to 1000 lbs. This makes them perfect for confined spaces.

Dual-action – Unlike single-acting cylinders, they provide both outward and inward linear motion. This bidirectional control is ideal for clamps, presses, and grippers.

– Remote air control – Built-in 5-port valves allow you to remotely control the actuators by adjusting air pressure. This is much more convenient than manually attaching airlines.

– Interchangeable mounts – The actuators come with clevis, trunnion, and threaded mounts for easy installation. You can switch mounts to suit different applications.

– Durable construction – Hard coat anodized aluminum body and stainless steel rods withstand harsh conditions and last long.

Remote Control Range’s pneumatic actuators are versatile and enable remote linear motion control in compact spaces. Their convenient features and rugged build quality make them great for industrial, manufacturing, and automation applications. I highly recommend these powerful little actuators.

Comparison of Remote Control Range’s Compact Pneumatic Actuators to another popular model:

Remote Control Range vs. Airpel E9 Series Actuators

Size and Weight:
The Remote Control Range actuators are more compact and lightweight than the Airpel E9 series. The most minor Remote Control Range model measures 1.25 x 1.25 x 5 inches and weighs 0.55 lbs. In contrast, the Airpel E9 starts at 1.77 x 1.77 x 5.51 inches and weighs over 1 lb. This makes the Remote Control Range better suited for tight spaces.

Force Output:
Despite their smaller size, the Remote Control Range actuators match or exceed the force capabilities of the Airpel E9 series. The maximum force ranges from 250 to 1000 lbs, depending on the Remote Control Range model. The Airpel E9 in a similar size provides up to 660 lbs of force.

Control Options:
The built-in 5-port valve on the Remote Control Range allows remote push-button control of the actuator using air pressure. The Airpel E9 does not have built-in control valves, so it requires manually attaching airlines to control.

Stroke Length:
The Remote Control Range actuators offer stroke lengths up to 6 inches. The Airpel E9 has a slightly longer maximum stroke length of 8 inches. However, the Remote Control Range strokes are sufficient for most applications requiring short linear motions.

The Remote Control Range actuators are around 25-50% lower in price than comparable Airpel E9 models. This cost savings makes them very appealing, especially for budget-conscious projects.

In summary, the Remote Control Range pneumatic actuators win out for compact size, convenient remote control, and lower cost. They offer comparable power and stroke length to the popular Airpel E9 models. The Remote Control Range actuators provide better value and flexibility for most applications requiring short linear motions. Their remote air control and small footprint are key advantages that make them my top pick.