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Overview of Eastern Water Reclamation Facility

The Eastern Water Reclamation Facility (EWRF) is a crucial wastewater treatment plant providing significant water reuse and environmental services to the Orlando, Florida, region. Owned and operated by the Orange County Utilities Department, EWRF commenced operations in 1986 to help meet increasing wastewater infrastructure demands stemming from rapid Orlando metro population growth through the second half of the 20th century. Today, the facility can process up to 18 million gallons daily (MGD), serving approximately 165,000 residential and commercial customers across eastern Orange County and the City of Orlando.

Utilizing advanced treatment methods, including nutrient removal and biosolids processing technologies, EWRF consistently and reliably treats millions of gallons of sewage and graywater daily to stringent water quality standards set by the EPA and the State of Florida. The reclaimed water produced after advanced processing enables sustainable, non-potable water reuse applications. Billions of reusable water from EWRF are supplied each year to the Eastern Water Reclamation Facility Reuse Service Area for landscape irrigation, agricultural usage, industrial processes, groundwater recharge, and more. This environmentally focused water reclamation and ecologically balanced reuse helps conserve Orlando-region freshwater reserves.

Key treatment steps at EWRF include primary clarification to isolate solids, activated sludge processing using microbial action to consume organics, secondary clarification, filtration, disinfection via chlorination, and post-aeration. Anaerobic digesters help stabilize accumulated biosolids through microbial decomposition while generating small amounts of methane biogas fuel for onsite energy recovery.

With reliable operations for over 35 years producing high-quality reclaimed water and meeting all applicable regulations, the Eastern Water Reclamation Facility continues serving as an essential sustainability infrastructure asset for the Orlando region. Looking ahead, strategic upgrades, capacity expansion projects, and optimized coordination with other area facilities will ensure EWRF remains ready to adapt effectively to meet fast-paced demands from increasing population pressures across central Florida.

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